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Real Fired Barbecues

Fresh meat, fish & vegetarian choices cooked over mainly logs with a bit of charcoal 
to get the fire going, on our unique designed equipment, 
named 'The Barbecue Beast'.
Cooked this way, ensures those real authentic barbecue flavours & aromas, 
with a visualdisplay in front of your guests.
Every choice of local fresh produce, cooked simply as they are, or with marinades for added flavours.
Served with our hand made salsas, pesto's and sauces,along with crisp seasonal salads and hot buttered potatoes
The Barbecue Beast can cater from 50 to 250 Guests

Some ideas...


Prices based on 2 courses for 100+ guests start from £25 per head plus vat including all the barbeque, spit roast and serving equipment.We suggest a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian with 3-4 salads, hot buttered potatoes, chutneys & relishes & 2 sweets(to be found in the sweet section on the food page.

Meat Options - joints of meat produced on our farm, or other locally producers, rolled

Lamb: - Shoulder, Leg, or Loin - with a stuffing of redcurrant & rosemary

Beef: - Rib, Topside or Sirloin
Pork: -Leg, Shoulder or Middle (loin & belly rolled with apple, plum, lemon & fresh herb stuffing
Turkey: locally produced, boned and rolled with lemon and fresh herbs
Chicken breast or thighs marinated with chilli, fennel, coriander, & onion
Our handmade Burgers and local made Sausages
Various marinated meat kebabs with spices and fresh herbs

Fish Options

Whole side of Salmon with crushed pink peppercorns, dill & parsley
Barbecued Tiger Prawns with coconut lime & coriander sauce
Tuna Steaks marinated with mint spice and mustard seeds
Mackerel Fillets barbecued in semolina served with lemon & dill crème fraiche
Sea Bass , Sea Bream, Monkfish & Scallops

Vegetarian Options

Carrot and Courgette vegetarian patties with hazelnuts lemon coriander,Served with a yogurt, coriander and horseradish sauce 

Mixed Vegetable  & Halumi kebabs

Quinoa stuffed & baked peppers with spring onion raisins mint & pineapple

Aubergines filled with feta, pickled walnuts, garlic and parsley & pomegranate

Marinades and stuffings

We make fresh to suit our clients taste; -Fresh herbs, Fruity, North African and Middle Eastern spices, Thai ginger & coconut, Mediterranean garlic, tomato & olive oil.

The list is endless…..

Salsas and Sauces– a few samples              

Onion Marmalade
Fresh Chutney of tomato, apple, pepper, mint & horseradish
Pineapple, mango and pomegranate salsa
Lemon and fresh herb mayonnaise
Sweet chilli & tomato sauce
Lemon, mustard, dill mayonnaise
Fresh mint, mustard seed, yoghurt dip
Thai basil coconut curry sauce

 Beetroot, apple and horseradish relish

 Smoky chipotle pepper & cumin mayonnaise – delicious with lamb

  Fresh rosemary, thyme & parsley pesto

  Fresh Apple tomato & chilli salsa


Mixed summer leaves with traditional French dressing & sesame seeds
Spinach leaf alfalfa shoots watercress & chickpea salad with balsamic dressing
Tabbouleh - cracked wheat, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mint & parsley
Red quinoa salad with pineapple spring onion raisins pine nuts mint
Camargue red rice & quinoa salad with orange & pistachios
Wild rice salad: spring onion red pepper apricots pistachios & lemon fresh herb dressing
Chickpea black bean red onion red pepper artichokes with tarragon dressing
Puy lentil feta semi dried tomato & red onion with thyme & raspberry vinaigrette
Mixed roasted vegetable salad with olive oil dressing
Mixed bean salad with mustard seeds and tarragon or coriander dressing
Broad bean courgette black olives red pepper feta cheese & coriander
Red and white crunchy coleslaw with celery & apple
Crunchy carrot salad mustard pumpkin & sunflower seeds pinenuts & sweet lemon dressing
Fennel & radish salad with olive oil, parsley and lemon juice
Tomato olive & feta cheese with olive oil & lemon juice
Tomato red onion & marjoram with red wine vinegar dressing
Plain tomato with basil, spring onion or cucumber
Herby mushroom salad: mushroom onion carrot bean sprouts chives & parsley
Courgette mangetout & grapefruit salad

The food was exceptional and beautifully presented.  The lamb from your farm was delicious and cooked to perfection as were your home grown vegetables.  Your staff were friendly and efficient throughout. 
There is no doubt that your strap line 'Cuisine with a Flair' is very appropriate. 
Your hard work and professionalism contributed hugely to a most memorable day
Elizabeth Bettisworth August 2009 150 guests
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